Pragati Founders
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Pragati Founders Pvt. Ltd. Ichalkaranji

Pragati Founders Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1990. Where quality is believed as way of life to be lived and enjoyed. We manufacture most intricate, import substitute casting for Domestic as well as for overseas international market. Grey iron castings production is accepted as a challenge and is handled with zeal, art and science of master craftsman.

We are manufacturing Raw/Machined castings for Automotive, Engineering and Machine tool Industries. We have Maintained highest quality standard for each and every casting manufactured. We have fully equipped foundry & Core shop unit with our own shot blasting, fettling & fabrication facilities with advanced machinery.

Key Persons

Valuable Customers

Sr. No. Name of the customer End Customer Material Supply
1 Active Industries CNC Kirloskar Bros. Ltd. Motor Covers, Pump Mounting Casing
2 General Machine Tools Man Truck Ltd. Water Pump Hsg., Pulley
3 Kinetic Engineering Ltd. Mahindra Truck & Bus Ltd. Rear Cover & Lower Case(Machined Parts)
4 Malti Founders Pvt Ltd Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Turbo Thermostat Hsg., Rear Brake drum, Control Lever bracket
5 Netmech Founders Pvt Ltd Emerson Electric Co. Pneumatic Cylinder Heads
6 Pentamech Cummins USA Ltd. Connection Water Transfer
7 Pragati Automation Pvt Ltd Pragati Automation Pvt Ltd VMC Machine ATC Brackets, Also their assembly parts
8 Raj-Rajeshwari Foundry Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Thermostat Housing
9 Sai India Limited Sai India Limited Hydraulic Pump Body & Cover
10 TATA Motors TATA Motors Air Compressor Sleeve (Machined Parts)
11 Unique Auto Assemblies (Ichalkaranji) Pvt. Ltd. TATA Motors Oil pump hsg & Cover, Rocker arm support.

Why Pragati Founders?

We Manufacture Graded & Alloyed Grey Iron Casting with Weight range from 100gms to 150kgs.

We expertise in manufacturing of low weight ( 0.100Kg to 10 Kg ) intricate shaped Shell mould casting with machining allowance of 0.75 to 1 mm ,We also manufacture high weight ( 50Kg to 75 Kg ) Core mould shell Casting & Heavy Weight Co2 mould casting ( 50Kg to 150 Kg ).We also manufacture regular Green Sand casting.

We also have a special expertise in manufacture of Hydraulic valve Body casting having up to 200 bar pressure testing.

Our company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and fully equipped with Physical, chemical & sand testing Lab and Facilities to maintain Quality of the casting & control the accuracy required in the process, Production & Development of finest castings.

Our founder Late Mr. B. A. Patil was recipient of prestigious “FIE award” in the year 1992-93 & “Indira Priyadarshani” Award in 1996-97 for his outstanding contribution in Foundry Industry.

Our company was also facilitated by “Udyog Shree” Award by Ichalkaranji Engineering Association in the year 1996-97. We have an installed production capacity of 3000 Mt per Annum.

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